Did you know?

SmallExclamationApproximately 10% of international undergraduate students and 40% of international graduate students receive scholarships or other types of funding directly from U.S. universities.


Attend a free Information Session

SmallInfoBallTwice a month, the Commission offers a free, one and a half hour information session for students interested in studying in the United States. Sessions are now also offered online.  Read more...


Did you know?

SmallRedDiceThe U.S. is home to most of the world's top universities.


Donation to Cyprus Fulbright Commission by Artist Elya Tsouvelekaki

 Ms. Elya Tsouvelekaki offered two of her paintings to be sold at the Auction organized by Kapopoulos Auction House (Cyprus) Ltd on October 12, 2012 and the proceeds of the sale were donated to the Cyprus Fulbright Graduate Scholarship Program for Cypriots.  We thank Ms. Tsouvelekaki for her thoughtful generosity.