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SmallExclamationThere are free practice tests for all major U.S. standardized tests available online. Check our individual standardized test sections on the main testing page for more information.



For admission into both undergraduate as well as graduate programs, U.S. universities usually require an evaluative exam that helps them to assess the quality and fit of the applicant to their institution.  This means that U.S. universities usually require an applicant to take the appropriate standardized test as one of their main entry requirements.  Each institution may have their own requirements, so students interested in applying to any particular institution in the U.S. should check each university’s website for admission requirement details.  For more information on each test, click on the appropriate test link in the table below.


TestOfficial Test NameWhen is it Required?

Test of English as a Foreign Language

A standardized test for entry into both undergraduate and graduate programs



A standardized test for entry into undergraduate programs


Graduate Record Examination

A standardized test for entry into non-business related graduate programs


Graduate Management Admission TestA standardized test for entry into graduate business schools, MBA programs, and related graduate fields


The Commission also serves as a test center for U.S. distance education programs which may be administered upon request.  In addition, other exams, including the LSAT, DAT, MCAT may be administered upon request. In such cases, the student is responsible for making arrangements with the appropriate test provider and the Cyprus Fulbright Commission.  

For more information on graduate admission tests, check out the EducationUSA Handout on Graduate Admissions Tests below.  The handout covers information on all standardized tests required for admission to graduate programs in the United States.


EducationUSA Handout- Graduate Admissions Tests